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ORACLE APPLICATIONS IMPLEMENTATIOOracle Unified Methodology (OUM) is a proven approach developed by Oracle for the implementation of Oracle applications across business domains. Our consultants deliver implementations to customers that maximize the effectiveness of Oracle Applications using project phases that range from Inception, Elaboration, Construction, Transition and Production. Our consultants possess expertise and are well trained in this unique and proven Industry-focused approach.


OUM is a methodology designed to be used for all Oracle product implementations. OUM is Oracle’s standards-based method that enables the entire Enterprise Information Technology implementation lifecycle. It provides an implementation approach that is rapid, broadly adaptive, and business-focused. OUM includes a comprehensive project framework and material to support Oracle’s growing focus on enterprise-level IT strategy, architecture, and governance.


As an Oracle Gold Partner, we implement cloud as well as on premise solutions. We deliver a broad range of services which build upon Oracle Premier Support to help our customers maximize solution availability, performance and value.



07Our talented professionals design, develop and integrate systems and applications that run our customers business. Melsta Technologies an end-to-end ICT service provider, has deep expertise in many facets of domain and technology, enabling us to not only consult but to implement and integrate solutions.


We offer proven experience and selected vertical industry specializations. This makes us uniquely qualified to provide strategy as well as solutions from the Oracle applications suite. We also bring innovative methodologies, tools and accelerators that enable implementation of quality solutions that are sustainable, affordable and predictable, while mitigating risk.


Our business analysts and functional consultants supported by our developers have built numerous solutions for our clients. These developed solutions leverage best practices, are scalable and robust. Developed using Oracle technologies including Oracle Application Development Framework, PL/SQL and Oracle E-Business Suite extensions adhering to Oracle best practices and coding standards.



DATABASE MANAGEMENT SERVICESMelsta Technologies brings the best of our technical skills to provide higher database availability to our customers. Our focus and commitment to quality, enables us to deliver services across the lifecycle of our customers ICT environment and help customers maximize performance, reduce risk and achieve higher availability on Oracle Database. Our technical consultants will ensure customers mission critical data stored in Oracle databases will be available 24/7, patched and tuned for optimal performance.


Our focused team of support experts help customers be successful right from the start. Our technical consultants work with customer’s onsite as well as remotely to provide proactive and preventive database services, and tailored technical assistance to help maximize performance and availability of Oracle Databases. Our experts continuously monitor, manage and ensure optimal performance of database environments and function as an extended arm of customer’s IT operation.



SUPPORT SERVICESSupport services, is one of the most important functions today. Our customer focused services team endeavors to keep customers updated on the latest technology while ensuring quality, trust and impeccable customer services. Every member in our team is skilled and trained to support the technologies we support. This means they deeply understand the technologies and their main goal is to keep customer systems running with minimal or no down time.


Providing a comprehensive and personalised service for customers with mission-critical solutions is critical. Our experts gain an intimate understanding of the configurations, processes, projects and objectives to proactively prevent issues and accelerate resolution. Our services include remote database monitoring, proactive database health checks, database security compliance reporting, remote database patch deployment and an easy to use service dashboard for real-time status reporting where required.



TRAINING SERVICESOur strategy is to deliver training to key-users on a train the trainer basis. The train the trainer strategy empowers end users to adapt to the new system faster and with an in-depth understanding of the environment. These key users will then be recognized as super users in their local environments.


Key User training on a Train the Trainer basis

Key user training is done as part of a project implementation and support. These sessions will train end users, who in turn will train other users of the solution. Our project team will deliver tailor made training for the functionality that has been implemented in the supported systems. This method of training will convert the Key Users to Super Users who will play a vital part in the post Go Live period as they will provide the first line of support.


End User Training Strategy

The overall training strategy is based on a “Train the Trainers” methodology. It is our experience and understanding that customer project teams should comprise key technical and business users, who are available during the project and work closely with project teams to facilitate maximum knowledge sharing during the implementation cycle and take ownership in the post Go Live phase of the project.



UPGRADE SERVICESOur consultants work with customers to finalise upgrade plans, identify advantages and dependencies etc. The goal is to reduce time-to-upgrade and keep the downtime to a minimum.


By keeping the customer’s software assets current with the latest releases, the customer benefits from the up-to-date versions, features and functionality and helps to keep pace in today’s competitive marketplace.


Using best-in-class methodologies and standardised tools to simplify the on-premise application upgrade process. We help in evaluating upgrades and re-implementation on the basis of complexities, investments, expectations. Our endeavor remains to reduce time-to-upgrade and keep the downtime to a minimum and ensure the best return to the customer on the upgrade investment.